The Mathematician R.Enkhbat, world known mathematician and director of the Institut of Mathematic of the State University of Mongolia – manage to resolve the mathematician problem which is old over 200 years. Originally, the mathematician theory “Memoria Sopra Un Problema Stereotpmico” was presented by the Italian mathematician Malifatti JeanFranco (1737-1807) but the problem remained unsolved. The Mongolian Mathematician Professor R.Enkhbat approved the final solution of this mathematician problem by a METHOD OF THE THEORY OF OPTIMIZATION and this scientic-mathematician theory was published in the world professional scientic journals “JOURNAL OF GLOBAL OPTIMIZATION”. The scientific-mathematician study of the Professor R.Enkhbat “Optimization of Modelling and Theoretical Evaluation” was published in the scient-popular magazin “Springer Science & Business Media
Leetiv NamdagJanchivin